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Who's Who in the PTA

Executive Board and Committee Chairs 2018-2019

President –  Lory Levitt

falcon16 sm.jpg

Lory is absolutely terrified to be the new PTA President! Her previous roles as social worker, personal trainer, actress, hand model and happy homemaker seem totally inadequate when it comes to this very daunting task…nevertheless, she is persisting. She loves being a member of the Franklin Family and looks forward to meeting and working with parents and teachers alike. She promises to do what we tell our students to do in life: work hard, smile often and always bring snacks.



Bulletin Boards -Lory Levitt


Vice President – Nora Park

Nora is excited that her younger daughter is finally entering Kindergarten!  She is looking forward to meeting more Franklin families and planning fun events for the Franklin community.  Nora currently works part-time as an office manager and full-time as CEO of her household.  She enjoys being a Girl Scout troop leader, training for races, reading, playing board games, and planning family vacations.


VP Volunteers – Esther Allen


Esther Allen is the thirtyish mother of three boys who are 10, 4 and 6 months old. She graduated with a Masters & PHD in Patience. During the day, she works as an HR Generalist/Editor and after school, she manages some of the craziest social calendars you have ever seen! She coaches two basketball teams and is also the team chaufer and cheer squad. She has a love for kids and a passion for creating and entrepreneurship, having created several small businesses in her spare time. Having children of her own now, Esther saw a real need for kids learning life skills early (hates the word “Adulting”), thus prompting her to create a series of classes to teach around the Bay Area. When she is not doing any of the stuff above, she has decided to join 2 PTA boards this year. She loves making new friends and #living her best life! So when you see her, stop her and say hello!


Library Duty Coordinator 


VP Fundraising – Deanna McGregor


Deanna in all fairness is not exactly sure what she signed up for but she thinks it is going to be great getting involved in her kids school years at Franklin! Her passion has always been sports and although she has two degrees in a sport related field, she has never worked a day in that realm. However, you might find Deanna on the field throwing balls at her daughter so that she can relive her youth as an athlete through her daughter. If you do talk to Deanna, don't be thrown by the accent (some people are) as she grew up in Canada but is also British and lived the last 12 years in London before moving to Burlingame at the end of 2014. Before moving here she was lucky enough to have worked in the Travel Industry for over 10 year as an account manager so being the VP of Fundraising seems to be a good fit - “show me the money”! She is truly looking forward to meeting and working with the great Franklin Family.


Jog-a-Thon – Manisha Loonawat / Stephanie Webb
Casino Night – Tania Forrest
Book Fair – Lory Levitt
Free Money for Franklin


VP Technology and Communication - Sarah Chaudhry


Sarah is a mother of four of whom two are at Franklin and two are at Burlingame Intermediate. She takes a keen interest in school activities and has been an active member of the PTA. Now that her youngest will be going into 1stgrade, she is looking forward to being more involved and although she is not quite sure what her role will be, she is looking forward to the challenge. Sarah graduated with a degree in computer sciences though that seems a long time ago now! She has thoroughly enjoyed being a full-time mom and has a busy after school schedule for extracurricular activities for the kids. As a result, she has become an expert multi-tasker and navigator! She enjoys cooking and hosting parties. 


Webmaster – Myriam Lochu
E-Falcon/Directory/Member Hub -- Angela Dubovsky/Esther Allen


Co-VPs Community Support - Nadine Stocklin and Jeanette Laxague


Nadine is looking forward to serving in the role as co-community support.  She currently has her own solo legal practice and loves it because she can set her own schedule and spend time with her 3 boys. She recently started to learn to cook (yes, at 40+ she finally started cooking) and enjoys trying to find ways to cook healthy meals with 25 minutes of hands-on time. A little known fact is that Nadine is a dual US/Swiss citizen – this means she loves both Swiss chocolate (everything else is mediocre) and the Swiss flag (a big plus sign on a red background). This is her first year on the board.


Jeannette is excited to be on the PTA board this year and is looking forward to working with parents and teachers as the community events coordinator! She is a former educator who worked in the Menlo Park and Bakersfield school districts for a decade and a half. She is the proud mom of Antton age 9 and Elise age 7 and happily married to her husband Anton of 11 years. Jeannette is also a Director with Beautycounter and is passionate about health and wellness as well as educating about safe skin care products!


PTA Membership: 
Adriana Bruges
Franklin Gear: 
Natalie Spaelti & Alix O'Brien
5th Grade Coordinators – 
Teacher Appreciation –
Parent Outreach/ Education –
Picture Day – Jingbo Xie
Honorary Service Awards –


VP Community Events- Nileshwari (Neelu) Kumari & Nipa Badhwar


Neelu has extensive experience in the Non-profit industry and has volunteered and worked at many Non Profit organizations. She is looking forward to her position as the Co-VP of community outreach and is excited to work along with Nipa and all the other wonderful women on the board. She loves to travel, explore other cultures and experience cuisines from all over the world. Fun fact about Neelu: she was an avid sports woman, leading her high school in field hockey. She has a first grader, Vikramaditya and loves being part of the Franklin Community. This is her first year on the board.


Nipa is a proud parent of 3, one at BIS and 2 at Franklin. She is a NY native who enjoys long walks with friends, amateur photography, laughing at the antics of her hilarious kids, and indulging in the occasional terrible television series. (Shhh...don't tell her about what happened in Grey's Anatomy!! She hasn't caught up yet.) She has shown her love for Franklin in many ways but finally decided to make it official by joining the board this year. She is looking forward to continuing her service while building connections with Franklin families, new and old.


Bingo Night Chair – Ai Lin Dorsey & Shin Cho
Sweetheart Dance Chairs –
Drive-in Movie Night – Laurie Orosco, Tania Forrest
Franklin Dad's Club (FDC)
Beautification Day - 
Toy Drive – Steve Lewan
Community Care –


Co-VPs Enrichment Programs - Shan Hou & JeeSoo Park


JeeSoo is delighted to be returning to the PTA as a VP for Enrichment, which is just a fancy way of saying that she helps bring really cool programs to our kids at Franklin. A former attorney, JeeSoo is embracing her relatively new role as a SAHM by diving into all things - Daisy and Brownie Troop leadership, dance mom, craft-maven, community volunteer and so much more. She loves cooking with her InstaPot, planning to plan, and coming up with great ideas that create endless but satisfying work for her family and friends. JeeSoo tries to play shy but if you just say hello she will always talk back!


Shan is a Franklin mom with a 4th grade daughter, Liesl, and a 2nd grade son, Ansel.  She absolutely loves the Franklin community and is excited to be part of the PTA board again this year.  As a former CPA in public accounting for more than 17 years, she loves organizing and analyzing anything that comes her way.  Equipped with those skills, she looks forward to working with the Principal, teachers and PTA President to design and implement enrichment programs. She and her co-chair JeeSoo Park plan to invite many fun and educational organizations (e.g. SF Opera, Lawrence Hall of Science, CuriOdessy, to name a few) to Franklin.  

Currently a WAHM (she believes a stay-at-home mom is a work-at-home mom), she enjoys hiking, reading, cooking, traveling, gardening, volunteering, visual art making and practicing Bikram Yoga.  She and her husband, Craig, are both Girl Scout and Cub Scout troop/den leaders.


Ability Awareness Week – Cyndi Wright
SEDAC – Cyndi Wright
Adopt-a-Book –
Assemblies – Erica Liang & JeeSoo Park
Book Club –
Math/Science –
Music (Band Parent) –
Green Team/Garden – Rob Ardrey
Afterschool Enrichment -- Erica Liang & JeeSoo Park


VP Room Representative - Manisha Loonawat

Manisha is returning to her role as Room Rep VP for the 2nd year. She is mother to one very chatty, very happy guy Neil, and surrogate mother to so many others at Franklin who find her for advice, help, hugs and meals. Manisha has had the pleasure of living all over the world but thoroughly enjoys the perfect Burlingame weather. You are most likely to find her - well - everywhere. She loves being a part of the Franklin community and is looking forward to making new friends this year. This is her 2nd year as a member of the PTA Board.


Treasurer - Erica Liang

This will be Erica's second PTA position at Franklin (previously, she held the Enrichment position). She is excited to take on the challenge of Treasurer and hopes her years of spreadsheeting will come in handy. Erica is a parent of a Franklin 2nd grader and kindergartener.  Say hello to her sometime! She especially enjoys talking to new families overwhelmed by the experience of entering the Franklin community.


Financial Secretary - Anna Loh

Anna has been a Franklin mom since 2014.  She joined the PTA in 2017 as a Financial Secretary.  She ensures all monies are deposited into the bank account.  Before she became a stay-at-home mom, she worked full-time in several financial services companies.  In her spare time, if you don’t see her walking her new dog Coco, you will see her driving her kids around to different activities.


Recording Secretary - Patti Domenici



Auditor - Jamie Elhert-Han

Jamie was far too busy doing “something” to write this bio, but she did want everyone to know that since the moment she arrived from Minnesota a few years ago, she signed up for the PTA and hasn’t looked back. As a member of the PTA, she has been able to use her skills creating forms, checklists and organizing financial paperwork. She loves to travel, eat, and read non-fiction. She loves doing something different each day. She fears that old-age will be rough for her because she is already a bit forgetful. Jamie spent 2 years on the board as Treasurer. This is her first year serving as Auditor.


Parliamentarian - Tracy Park

Tracy is returning to the Board as Parliamentarian, after having served as the Exec VP for 2 years. She has 4 boys, all in different schools, with ages ranging from a tween to a toddler. As this is her last year at Franklin, she hopes that being a Parliamentarian (a role she still doesn’t still fully grasp) will be manageable yet allow her to continue to support the Franklin PTA and be an active participant of the Franklin community.


Teachers' Representative – Stephanie Price & Elena Quinn

Please contact the Exec Board member for more information. Click here for the detailed board position description.