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School Staff

Franklin Elementary School
2385 Trousdale Drive
Burlingame, California 94010
(650) 259-3850 - FAX (650) 259-3854


Mrs. Anne Cildir

Mrs. Elenia Hofler

Grade Levels:
Transitional Kindergarten Staff

   Mrs. Stephanie Price - TK
   Room K

   Mrs. Melanie LaGory - TK
   Room 7


Kindergarten Staff
   Mrs. Laura McClure / Mrs. Nancy Sakamoto
   Room 1 and

   Mrs. Kelly Lanam 
   Room 5

   Mrs. Joan Mulkerrins
   Room 6

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1st Grade Staff
   Ms. Hannah Carney
   Room 2

   Mrs. Sabrina Mahoney 
   Room 3

   Mrs. Nathalie Fellner/Tracy Mo
   Room 4 and

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2nd Grade Staff
   Mrs. Christina Gembala
   Room 8

   Mrs. Elena Quinn
   Room 11

   Mrs. Kelly Lee (Hicks)
   Room 12

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3rd Grade Staff
   Mrs. Barbara Herrmann
   Room 9 

   Mrs. Dorianne Turner
   Room 16

   Mr. Robert Singer
   Room 18

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4th Grade Staff
   Ms. Anna Kobayashi
   Room 14


   Mrs. Alison Rutherford (4th/5th combo class)
   Room 15

   Ms. Amanda Woldhuis
   Room 17


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5th Grade Staff
   Mrs. Alison Rutherford (4th/5th combo class)
   Room 15

   Mrs. Terry Adams
   Room 21

   Ms. Jamie Metz
   Room 22

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Specialist and Support Staff:
   Mrs. Helen Christian


P.E. (Physical Education)
   Mr. Thomas Phy


   Ms. Joelle Spencer


   Mrs. Diana Ayllon


   Ms. Fallyn Smith


English as a Second Language
   Ms. Laura Salzman


R.T.I. (Reponse to Intervention)
   Mrs. Valerie Kissner


R.S.P. (Resource Specialist)
   Mrs. Marcela Serra

   Mrs. Doneen Roberts


Speech and Language Specialist


Music - Choral & Instrumental

   Mr. John Collaros


   Mr. Doug Simon


Instructional Aide
   Mr. Chris Roesch    


Clerical Assistant
   Mrs. Imre Freeve


Noon Supervisor
   Mr. Marc Granzella
   Mrs. Maria Sanchez

Crossing Guards
   Irv Duchowny (Crossing Guard at Martinez/Trousdale)
   Donald Tolbert (Crossing Guard at Quesada/Trousdale)

   Mr. Roberto Reyes
   Mr. Giovanni Moreno

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School Resource Officer (Burlingame Police)
    SRO Heather
    (650) 777-4100


Food Service Director (Chartwells / BSD)
    Mrs. Erika Reavis-Elgarico

    (650) 259-0114


Champions Before/After School Care for Franklin (Rooms 24 & 25)
    (650) 867-6046