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Emergency Information

Emergency Contact information

When you register, you are asked to provide contact information. It extremely important for the office to have current contact information.  Please notify the office immediately of any changes to your home phone number. In the event of an emergency, parents will be notified. If the parents cannot be reached, we must have at least two local available contacts in case of illness or emergency. Please be aware that students may only be released to those names you have listed as emergency contacts.

In the event of an emergency, there are

4 Steps to Student Release


In the event of an emergency, you will receive the location information of where to pick up your child via a district notification system to your phone and/or email.

  1. Report to the Parent Pick-Up Area and go to the Parent Check-In Area located in the stated reunion area you will receive via phone and/or email.

  2. Show a government approved identification - sign and receive a Student Release Card for your child 

  3. Move to a side waiting area – staff in charge will collect your Release 
Card and put your child’s name tag on it once they come up from the stated Pick-Up Area. 
Staff will retrieve your child and bring them to you.

  4. Leave campus immediately after the student is released to your custody. 

Parents, please note: Students will only be released to listed authorized adults stated in our computer system.  When completing registration at the beginning of year check-in registration please list adults who will be nearest to your child in the event of an emergency.

If you would like to update the authorized adults allowed to pick up your children sooner, please email the first and last name, and phone numbers of the adults you wish to add to


All students and school personnel participate in monthly evacuation drills. In the event of an emergency, your children will be evacuated to the safest location near to the school. You will be notified via phone message regarding the location to come, check-in, present your ID and pick your child up. Children being picked-up will only be released to those names identified on your registration form. Please keep all contact information up-to-date by calling the office when you change phone numbers and/or address.


instruction, please finalize and inform your child of after-school activities prior to the school day. In an emergency situation, if you need to contact your child during school hours, please call the office at 650-259-3850.