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School Programs

Franklin School has a rich and challenging curriculum and a talented teaching team in our classrooms. We also have a number of special programs that benefit and/or enrich some or all of our students.

Instrumental Music for 4th and 5th

Our Instrumental Music teacher provides formal music instruction for 4th and 5th grade students. Students in these grades may choose to participate in instrumental music. Small group lessons are given weekly. Instruments choices are: saxophone, trumpet, flute, clarinet, and violin.

Classroom Music Grades for Transitional Kindergarten through 5th Grade

All students receive music choir instruction from a credentialed specialist.   Students have weekly classroom instruction.

Physical Education (PE) for Transitional Kindergarten through 5th Grade

While practicing weekly Physical Fitness Standards our students learn cooperation, problem solving, safety, concern for others, responsibility for equipment, and team play. Physical Fitness development is an important part of educational growth.


Students receive services from the library aide such as: read stories aloud, digital citizenship lessons, book check-out, and lunchtime reading clubs. Classes visit the library once a week for 30 minutes.  Students are welcomed to visit the library when it is open during recess and lunch to check out material, decorate a mandala or read a book.DID YOU KNOW...there's a √ check-off on your California Tax Return for school libraries! This is a great way to support California's children.


Students use laptops and ipads and other technology tools in the classroom as facilitated by their classroom teacher. Online access is available for the math and social-emotional curriculums for at-home reinforcement of skills.

Resource Program (RSP)

Students who require modification of their regular education program receive instruction from the Resource Specialist Teacher.. Such students have exceptional needs and are provided special small group instruction according to the guidelines of an Individual Education Program. The Resource Specialist and classroom teachers collaborate to develop curriculum adaptations and materials to meet individual student needs.

Speech Program

The Speech Specialist serves students with special needs in articulation, and fluency according to the guidelines of an Individual Education Program.

Response to Intervention  (RTI)

Based on data from district wide researched based student assessments, the RTI teacher will work with classroom teachers to support students.  This program is designed to provide targeted instruction to students in small groups.

English For Speakers of Other Languages 

Students who speak other languages than English are supported in the classroom within lessons designed to support language development for all students. 

Updated:  2016 November 4