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School Guidelines

School Rules

Students are encouraged to follow our Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) Guidelines anywhere in the school during all school hours.


F-Feet and hands are kept to myself.

L-Listen to the speaker.

Y-Yes, I can, because I try and try again.


When school guidelines are not followed, students receive a first a verbal reminder of the guidelines. Once a student has been reminded then, do not follow the guidelines, the child receives time out of playing with others at recess to reflect on how the child might follow the guidelines next time. If a student is physically fighting or the staff on duty feels the behavior is overly aggressive, the student may be sent directly to the office to see the Principal.


Playground Guidelines

The Franklin Playgrounds are for student use only during school hours. Please enjoy the playgrounds after school hours with siblings or other family members. When you do, please follow these below guidelines.

  • Only one person on the slide at a time is to be sliding on their bottom down the slide.
  • Climbing is NOT allowed on the basketball hoops, tetherball poles, or on the fence.
  • During school recess times students are to follow these below guidelines:
  • Stay on the playground where teacher and yard supervisors may see you.
  • Any form of TAG is not allowed.
  • Tackle football, trading cards, wrestling, karate, ninja, piggyback rides and play fighting are NOT allowed.
  • Playground balls must be the size of the student’s head or larger.

Dress Guidelines

At Franklin School, we take pride in our image and in the positive learning environment we offer. Students are expected to dress in a way that shows pride in themselves and which acknowledges that school is a place to work and learn. If a  student’s appearance is felt to be inappropriate, the student will be sent to the office and the parents will be contacted.

  • Midriffs, low cut tops, tube tops, short shorts are not acceptable at school.

  • Sagging pants and bandanas are not allowed.

  • Hats are for outside sun protection only not to be worn in the classroom.

  • Shoes with wheels are not allowed. The wearing of closed-toe shoes is encouraged for the prevention of injury to your child’s toes.

  • Clothes that advertise alcohol, tobacco, or drugs are not to be worn at school.

  • Clothes that have suggestive or obscene pictures, words, or phrases are not to be worn at school.

Personal Property

Portable technology such as iPods, or other portable music and gaming systems, radios, pocketknives, matches, sharp implements, virtual toys and other potentially disruptive and/or dangerous items are NOT permitted at school. Please make a habit of knowing what is in your child’s backpack. Toys, games and trading cards should not be brought to school unless they are to be used for an activity inside the classroom under the direction of a teacher. Items taken away from students by staff may be reclaimed at the end of the day. Cell phone use is not permitted at school. If the parent feels that the child must have a cell phone for after-school use, the school is not responsible for the phone. The phone MUST remain off and hidden in their child’s backpack until after dismissal. If it rings or beeps in the classroom, it will be taken to the office where the parent must pick it up. Please DO NOT call or text your child during the school day. Students may not use the phone to make plans for after school. To prevent disruption to instruction, please finalize and inform your child of after-school activities prior to the school day. In an emergency situation, if you need to contact your child during school hours, please call the office at 650-259-3850.


All arrangements for the day should be made before your child leaves home. The office supports many people, such as students, teachers, administration and the community. Please do your best to ensure that your child knows who will pick them up each day or where they are going after school that day. (Parent Tip: An index card given to your child to read and put in their backpack, with each the upcoming week's daily after-school destination written on it handed to them on Sunday Evening is helpful in eliminating confusion for your the office and your child.)