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Communication at Franklin


We welcome all notes, phone calls, and emails. Franklin School makes every effort to communicate with parents. You may receive information about your child and school program via MemberHub.  School events will be sent to parents via MemberHub. The Falcon Newsletter will be sent weekly on Wednesday to parents who have signed into MemberHub. Click here to sign into Member Hub.


Please visit this Franklin Website often for up-to-date school information.  Through the website, you may access calendars, Community Events, Student Useful Links, Math Support, State Testing Practice (CAASPP), Twitter Feed, and The Burlingame School District Website.


Parents are encouraged to communicate with their child’s teacher. Teachers are available for phone calls before and after school. You may send emails anytime(Teachers email address is the first initial of their first name then their last name at For example for a teacher named Jane Smithy, her email address would be, and it will be read after school hours. You may also call anytime during the day and leave a message on the teacher’s voicemail. Please contact the teacher first when notifying the school of a concern with your child.  The principal will enter the problem-solving process if the parent and teacher cannot develop a mutually agreeable solution. (PE) Please email the classroom teacher, the office secretary, and the PE teacher's email by 8:15 to let us know the reason you or a doctor is excusing your child from physical activity at school. If you must call after 8:15 a.m., the office will let the classroom teacher know about your child's excusal from physical activity, your classroom teacher will notify the PE teacher directly. 


The principal is very focused during the school day on your child’s educational experience.  She intends to be in classrooms frequently. You are welcome to stop by at any time to speak to the principal; however, with the intention of giving you full attentiveness, it would be ideal if you made an appointment. To make an appointment with the principal, please contact Principal Jude Lawrence in the office at or by phone at 650-259-3852. You may also contact the school office to leave a message or call at 650-259-3850.

Twitter @franklinfalcfly

Periodically we tweet about the educational activities at Franklin will be posted on Twitter. 


Instagram @franklinfalconsfly

Periodically post about the educational activities at Franklin will be posted on Instagram.



All arrangements for the day should be made before your child leaves home. The office supports many people, such as students, teachers, administration and the community. Please do your best to ensure that your child knows who will pick them up each day or where they are going after school that day. (Parent Tip: An index card given to your child to read and put in their backpack, with each the upcoming week's daily after-school destination written on it handed to them on Sunday Evening is helpful in eliminating confusion for your the office and your child.)