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Parent/Student Handbook


Franklin Elementary School
2385 Trousdale Drive
Burlingame, California 94010
(650) 259-3850
Fax: (650) 259-3854

Mrs. Anne Cildir, Principal
Mrs. Elenia Hofler, Secretary
Office Hours 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.




8:45 to 2:15 Monday through Friday



8:30 to 2:00 Monday through Friday

GRADES 1 – 5:

8:30 to 3:00 (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

8:30 to 2:00 Every Tuesday (Staff Development)



All students have one morning recess (20 minutes):

Transitional Kindergarten           9:50-10:10

1st- 2nd graders                            10:10-10:30

3rd - 5th graders                            10:30-10:50  

There is a ten minute recess from 1:50 to 2:00 for students in Grades 1-5.  At all recesses, students are expected to follow Playground Guidelines.



Lunch schedule is as follows:
Grade  Eat Play
TK 11:40-12:00 12:00-12:20
K 11:50-12:10 12:10-12:30
1st & 2nd 12:00-12:20 12:20-12:40
3rd 12:20-12:40 12:00-12:20
4th & 5th 12:10-12:30 12:30-12:50

180 DAYS:

By State law, the school year consists of 180 days. We strongly encourage daily attendance for your child’s optimal education and request that you do all that is possible to arrange vacations around the school schedule. If your family must be away for an extended period, please see your classroom teacher about arranging an independent study.



Students MUST report to their line on the blacktop. Parents may use the drop-off zone in front of school or park and walk students onto campus (See Parking Lot Procedures). There is supervision at the drop-off zone and on the blacktop from 8:15 to 8:30.  Please make arrangements for your child to be on campus during supervised times.

On rainy days, students wait under the covered awnings outside their hallway doors.     
Students should go immediately home or to child care at dismissal time. There is no supervision after dismissal. Students are not allowed to remain at school alone or to wait for siblings who are dismissed later. Children should be picked up promptly. (Please wait for your child outside the classroom wings: near the administration area, library or multipurpose room). If you are picking up your child by car, you will find students waiting in front of school in the drop-off zone. Please drive to the front of the line and pick them up (Please refer to Parking Lot Procedures). If children are not picked up, they will be taken to the office to call home. 
Students are not allowed off campus at any time unless accompanied by a parent.  If you will be picking your child up early during the school day, please send a note to the teacher that morning stating the time you will be coming for your child. Do not go to the classroom. Come to the office and your child will be notified you are waiting. Students will not be released during the day to anyone other than their parents without written or phone permission from their parents. 



Good attendance and arrival on time are crucial to your child's success at school.

The office should be notified by phone (259-3850) as early as possible if your child will be absent. Your call assures us that your child is safe and has not been injured on the way to school. Please do not leave absence calls on teachers' voice extensions. If you are unable to call in your child's absence, a written note must be sent when your child returns. Absences are excused for illness, doctor/dental appointments, or funeral of an immediate relative. Absences for other reasons and unreported absences are considered unexcused. We lose State funds when your child is absent for ANY reason.
Students who arrive late after 8:30 a.m. to their classroom line on the blacktop are considered late and MUST report to the office to get a tardy pass to bring to their classroom. Chronic tardiness will be regarded as a serious problem and will require a conference.



Emergency Forms should be updated whenever there is a change. Please be sure to notify the office immediately of any changes to home address or home phone number. It is also extremely important that we have correct work and cellphone numbers for parents in case of emergency. In an emergency the parents will be notified first. However,if parents cannot be reached, we must have at least two local available relatives or friends to contact in case of illness or emergency. Children are released only to parents and adults listed on the emergency form.
All gates leading into the school are locked during school hours (8:30-2:00).  The only entrance is through the front doors near the school office.  For the safety of all children, ALL adults entering the school buildings or yard for any reason during school hours (including picking children up for doctor appointments, volunteering) are required to sign in at the office, and wear a guest badge if remaining on campus. 
All arrangements for the day should be made before your child leaves home. Delivering messages causes a disruption to the classroom. The office will do our best to communicate messages to students during non-instructional time if there is an emergency situation. Please be sure your child knows who will pick them up each day or if they are to walk home. Also, make sure your child knows what he/she is to do in the event it is raining after school.
The Burlingame Police Department provides crossing guards at arrival and dismissal times on the corners of Martinez/Trousdale and Quesada/Trousdale Drives. Please be sure your children cross at those corners. 
All parking spaces in the parking lot are reserved for staff. If you need to park your car and enter the school, you must park on Trousdale Drive. The curb painted white in front of the school is for loading and unloading only. Please pull your car all the way forward to the end of the painted white curb.  Do not leave your car unattended in the yellow & white curb lane area at any time. BIS has also asked, for safety, you do not use the rear driveway for dropping off or picking up students.

Please refer to the Parking Lot Procedures.

All students and school personnel participate in monthly Big 5 drills. In the event of a fire or serious earthquake, students will be evacuated to the yard (paved area behind the school building). Parents may pick up children by reporting to the command center and signing out with the office personnel before taking a child home. Students will only be released to persons listed on the emergency form.

Recess is a fun time to spend time with friends.  All students are expected to follow these guidelines during recess and other non-classroom times:

  • During recess, stay on the playground at all times.  The hallways, office area and sides of the building are off limits.
  • There is NO TAG during recess -- students must keep their hands to themselves. There is a "Flag Tag Zone" on the field for Grades 2-5.
  • Only one person on the slide at a time going down.
  • Climbing on the basketball hoops, tether ball poles, or on the fence is not allowed.  Students must ask permission to retrieve a ball that has gone over the fence.
  • Tackle football, trading cards, wrestling, karate, ninja, piggy back rides, and play fighting are not allowed.
  • Playground balls must be the size of the student's head or larger
  • Running is allowed on blacktop or field, not in the play structure areas

Consequences for not following the Playground Guidelines are:

  • First offense: Verbal warning, in some cases may be a few minutes time out
  • Second offense: Time out for the remainder of the recess
  • Third Offense, or if a student is physically fighting or the yard supervisor feels the behavior is overly aggressive: The student may be sent directly to the office to complete at TRIBES Solution Plan and see the Principal.



Franklin School does not have a daily school nurse. If your child complains of not feeling well in the morning or has any of the following symptoms, please keep him/her home until he/she is well. If your child becomes ill while at school, you will be called to pick him/her up. A child may be too sick to attend school if the child has a fever, diarrhea, vomiting, rash, signs or symptoms of illness (e.g., uncontrolled coughing, difficulty breathing, wheezing, lethargy). No pupil, while infected with any contagious or infectious disease, shall be allowed to remain in school. If the child has any of the following diagnoses from a health provider, the child may not attend school until 24 hours after treatment has started: strep throat, scarlet fever or other strep infection, conjunctivitis/pink eye, scabies, impetigo. If a child has chicken pox, he/she may not attend school until all sores have a scab (usually 6 days). Please notify the office if your child has a contagious/infectious disease.
Medication must be stored and administered in the school office. All medication must be in the original bottle and labeled with the student's name. Students are not allowed to keep medicine with them in their classroom (this includes inhalers for asthma). Written parental consent and detailed instructions are required if children are to take medication at school. Please contact the office before sending medicine to school with your child.

If your child complains of an itchy scalp, check for head lice. If your child has lice, please contact the school immediately. Nits (eggs) are easier to spot than lice. Eggs attach themselves firmly to hair shafts near the skin. Lice are spread by close contact or using the hat, comb, or brush of an infected person. To treat, use an over-the-counter anti-lice shampoo. Backcomb hair with a fine-tooth comb to remove all nits. Vacuum your child's room. Soak combs and brushes for one hour in solution containing anti-lice shampoo.  Wash your child's sheets, blankets, pillowcases, and any clothing worn in the last 72 hours in 140° water. Items which cannot be washed should be placed in an airtight plastic bag for three weeks. 

Before readmission to school, please accompany your child to the office to sign a readmission form and trained staff will check your child to make sure there are no live lice found.



TRIBES is a school-wide program designed to build community and provide students with valuable life lessons.

As part of our TRIBES Program we have four agreements that are practiced in the classrooms and throughout the school:

  • Mutual Respect
  • Attentive Listening
  • Appreciation/No Put-Downs
  • Right To Pass
All classrooms practice the TRIBES agreements and use them frequently to solve problems/disagreements that may occur in the classrooms or on the yard. 
All students deserve to feel safe at school and harassment and bullying are unacceptable behaviors. The staff, teachers, and principal work together to remediate discipline issues ~ suspension or expulsion if necessary (under Ed Code 48000). Additional Student Responsibilities
  • Never leave the school grounds! Once on campus, stay on campus.
  • Students are expected to be in class on time.
  • Use paved walkways; keep off the grass.
  • Playing is off limits: in the hallways, bathrooms, at the bike racks, between buildings, and on the lawn.
  • To walk always in the hallways and in the walkways around the buildings.
  • Proper language is to be used at ALL times.
  • Gum chewing is not allowed at school.
  • Food or drinks are allowed in the MPR or outside lunch table area.
  • Please leave virtual pets, trading cards, personal music systems, or game systems at home (see complete list under “Personal Property” .).
At Franklin School, we take pride in our image and in the positive learning environment we offer. Students are expected to dress in a way that shows pride in themselves and which acknowledges that school is a place to work and learn. When a student's appearance is felt to be inappropriate, the student will be sent to the office and the parents will be contacted.
  • Girls: bare midriff, halter/spaghetti straps, low cut tops, tube tops, and short shorts are unacceptable.
  • Boys: unfitted tank tops are unacceptable.
  • No hats to be worn indoors; no bandanas; no sagging pants.
  • No sandals, slides, open toed shoes, or "heelies".
  • No clothes or other items that advertise alcohol, tobacco or drugs
  • No clothes or other items with suggestive or obscene pictures, words, or phrases.
Skateboards, skates, rollerblades, iPods or other portable music and gaming systems, radios, pocket knives, matches, sharp implements, virtual toys and other potentially disruptive and/or dangerous items are not permitted at school. Toys, games and trading cards should not be brought to school unless they are to be used for an activity inside the classroom under the direction of a teacher. Items taken away from students by faculty members may be reclaimed at the end of the day in the office. Cell phone use is not permitted at school. If a parent feels their child must have a cell phone for after school use, the school is not responsible for the phone. The phone MUST remain off and hidden in their child’s backpack until after dismissal. If it goes off in the classroom, it will be taken to the office where the parent must pick it up. Please DO NOT call or text your child during the school day. If you need to contact them during school hours, please call the office at 259-3850. 
Students who ride their bikes or scooters to school need to secure them with chain and lock and observe rules of safety regarding bikes on school grounds. Bike and scooter riders must enter the school property walking their bikes and/or scooter at all times.
Teachers may have students call home for forgotten books or assignments. Students may not use the phone to make play plans for after school. Before coming to school each day, students should be aware of who will pick them up or if they are to walk home.
Students should use the restrooms designated for students. During recess and lunch, children are to use the restrooms at the end of Wings 1 and 3. Adults are not permitted in student restrooms during school hours. Adult restrooms are located near the office. 



It is very important that every child has a nutritious lunch. The Burlingame School District provides a daily hot lunch program (through Chartwells, currently prepared on-site). Details are sent home at the start of each school year.   For more detailed information on the lunch program please visit our lunch page
We have a district sponsored hot lunch program available to all students for $3.75/lunch. Students may pay daily for lunch or parents may turn in checks to the school office to be placed in a lunch account for their child, or pay online using a credit card at (Please refer to MySchoolBucks instruction page on the school web site for details).  All students have PIN that are entered into the computer and each lunch is subtracted from their account. Students will receive a stamp on their hand when there are two lunches left on their account. 
Free and reduced lunches are available from the School District for children whose family income falls within federal requirements. Applications are available in the office at any time during the school year.
If students forget their lunch, they may call home. Parents should deliver lunches to the school office by noon and not to the student's classroom. Lunches should be marked with the student's complete name and room number. Students are directed to check in the office at noon. 
Glass bottles and/or containers are not allowed at school. Drinks and food should be in thermoses, cans, or plastic bottles.



The Lost and Found cabinet is located in the multipurpose room. Students and parents should check there periodically for lost items. Items remaining after the last class day in December and June will be given to charity. It is recommended that you label all articles of clothing on the inside, either with your child's name or a symbol they will recognize.



We welcome all notes and phone calls. Franklin School makes every effort to communicate with parents. You may receive information about your child and the school program in many ways.

The Franklin Falcon newsletter is e-mailed and duplicate content is posted on the school web site every Thursday. The "Falcon" keeps you informed of school events, activities and schedules in the school and in our community. Please sign-up for the newsletter and read it weekly. Our Falcon Newsletter (and all related attachments) is also on our school website under “Franklin Falcon Newsletterat . Please sign-up for e-mail delivery of the newsletter at to ensure you receive current school news.
WEBSITE: Visit our Franklin School website ( or ) often for up to date school and community information and schedules. All school events and activities are included on our website, along with all attachments to our weekly Falcon.
Parents are encouraged to communicate with their child's teacher. Teachers are available for phone calls before and after school. You may send e-mails anytime, and it will be read after school hours. You may also call anytime during the day and leave a message with the office or ask to be connected to their voice mail. In the event of a problem, contact the teacher first. The principal will enter the problem-solving process if the parent and teacher cannot develop a mutually agreeable solution. 
The principal welcomes all parents. To be assured of an appointment, please call the office to arrange a time. "Drop-in" conferences certainly do occur, but there is no guarantee that the principal will be available.



CONFERENCES: Conferences to discuss your child's progress are held twice a year for all students. These conferences are mandatory. Due to the limited time slots available for conferences, teachers may not be able to reschedule missed appointments. Please notify the teacher the day before your conference if you are unable to attend. 


Last Updated: 2016 November 4