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Student Health and Wellness

Emotionally Safe Campus

All persons on campus deserve to feel safe at Franklin School. Harassment and Bullying are unacceptable behaviors. If your child states that she/he is experiencing harassment or bullying at school please notify your classroom teacher immediately. If you as an adult are experiencing harassment at Franklin School, please notify the office immediately.


Franklin school uses a district nurse who comes weekly. If your child complains of not feeling well in the morning, please take their temperature. If your child has a fever or symptoms of the flu, please keep your child home. Your child may return to school only after your child is fever-free, without symptoms and taking fever-reducing medicine for 24 hours. No student, while infected with any contagious or infectious disease, shall be allowed to remain in school. If the student has any of the following diagnoses from a health provider, the child may not attend school until 24 hours after treatment has stared: strep throat, scarlet fever, or other strep infection, conjunctivitis/pink eye, scabies, impetigo. If a child has chickenpox, he/she may not attend school until all sores have a scab (usually 6 days). Please notify the office if your child has a contagious/infectious disease.  If your child will be absent for an extended time (3 or more days), please provide a copy of a note from the doctor to the office to excuse the absence. Providing a note from any doctor/dentist any time your child misses instructional time is valuable in excusing the absence. If your child will be absent for more than 5 days due to travel, please notify your child’s teacher as soon as you know the absence. In some cases and with the approval of the principal, work may be prepared in order for your child to receive instructional credit through an Independent Study Plan.


Medication must be stored and administered in the school office. All medication must be in the original bottle and labeled with the student’s name. Students are not allowed to keep medicine with them in their classroom (excluding inhalers for asthma, which may be kept in your child’s backpack, however, the office must be notified of this). Please do not send cough drops with your child to school, as cough drops are medicated thus considered to be a medicine. Parental consent and detailed instructions are required if children are to take medication at school. Please contact the office before sending medicine to school with your child.

Head Lice

If your child complains of an itchy scalp, check for head lice. If your child has lice, please contact the school immediately. Please click this link to the Center for Disease Control to read information about how to prevent, identify and treat lice. Before readmission to school, please accompany your child to the office for staff to check your child’s hair for live lice.