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Free Ways to Support Franklin

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Shop at Amazon using our special link. When you do, Amazon pays us up to 8% of the purchases made by any shopper who goes to Amazon through our link. You don't have to sign up and you don't have to enter any special codes -- just visit through our link.

You can bookmark it so you don't forget. Or visit this page and use the link from here. Make this your link to Amazon every time you shop at

If you would like to cut and paste the Amazon URL so that you can share with others, it is:

Things to remember:

  • You have to click on the link before you put anything in your cart. Otherwise the purchase will not count.
  • You must put an item in the cart within 24 hours of clicking the link. After that, you will need to click the link again.
  • After you complete a purchase and pay for the items, if you want to shop again, you must re-click the link in order for the second purchase to count towards our fund.


esi logo.jpg

Participating business partners contribute a percentage of your grocery loyalty cards, credit card, and debit/ATM card purchases to Franklin.  You must have an eScrip account and register your cards.  Shop local merchants like Lunardi's, Lucky, and Mollie Stones using your registered credit and/or debit cards.

Things to remember:

  • Make sure all your credit cards are current.
  • If you use a Safeway card, register it with eScrip and remember to re-register every year by November 1st.
  • for more information regarding registering and renewing go to Franklin eScrip page
online mall logo.gifeScrip Online Mall

eScrip Online Mall allows you to earn up to 10% or more when you shop at many of the participating online stores.  You can get a detailed overview here.

All you do is shop through the eScrip online portal; you can add the “Auto Earn” web app to make shopping easier or use this link.  Over 800 merchants: Nordstrom, Gap, and more. 

  • You have to shop via the eScrip Online Mall portal otherwise the purchase will not count.
  • After you complete a purchase and pay for the items, if you want to shop again, you must re-click the link in order for the second purchase to count towards our fund.
  • The Auto Earn Web App makes it easy to see if the merchant is a participant: the Auto Earn icon will appear in the upper left portion of your computer screen. You must click on the “Click here and Earn” to ensure we receive credit.
eScrip Diningescipdining.gif

Earn up to 5% for Franklin just by dining out at one of over 10,000 restaurants nationwide! When you sign up and register your cards on eScrip you are enrolled in eScrip Dining.

Find out how it works.

luckyshares.jpg Lucky Supermarket  luckycolor.png

Lucky has discontinued the SHARES program, but have instead joined the eScrip program.  Please visit the escrip link above to register your credit cards, and your purchases at Lucky will be automatically matched by eScrip.


Do you have any clothes that your children have outgrown? Do you want to declutter your closet? Save your gas and time driving to Goodwill. Instead, go to Scoola ( ) using the link or click on the Scoola logo to the right and request a pre-paid shipping bag that you can use ship your loved cloths to Scoola. Scoola will then sell them and then donate 40% of the proceeds to Franklin!