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Longer Version of Useful Links for Students

Here are some free websites with educational activities, games and resources for kids. The division between “upper” and “lower” grades is approximate. Some of the sites include advertising (although we aim to skip sites with inappropriate ads). Some of the sites also sell products. Including these links does not constitute an endorsement or suggestion that you should purchase any product. 

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If a game does not display after a few minutes or if it does not work correctly, you might need the latest Adobe Flash plug-in. You can get it here.

Online Classroom

Moby Max (login page)


Front Row

Discovery Kids

Search Engines for Kids

Picture-oriented Kid Search Engine

Search engines for younger children

Dib Dab Doo and Dilly too   

Kids Click: Web search for Kids by Librarians

Awesome Library (Reviewed Sites)

Search engines for kids

CyberSleuth Kids   

Sweet Search

OpenDirectory Search for Kids & Teens

Mathematical Search engine (older students to adults)  


Internet Safety Info (for parents)


SafeKids: Internet Safety & Civility  

NetSmartz Safety

Internet Safety Advice for Parents

Math – lower grades


Find the Shapes

Race a Jet Ski (addition)

Slime Blaster! (subtraction)

Beat the Clock

Save the Apples

Counting Robots

Blast Off to Space


Programming (


Math – upper grades


Race Dirt Bikes (compare fractions)

Tractor Pull! (multiplication)

Catch the Meteor (multiplication)

Drag Racing (division)

Programming (

Practice Math Facts (and keep score!)

Enchanted learning….


Science – lower grades

Clipart pictures of animals

Cloud Dreamer

Deep Sea Memory Game

Make a Tidepool

Fun at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

What Birds Do You See?

CIA Puzzle Solver

Rex the Dino Detective

Animal Homes


Explore Art!


Science – upper grades



Games in outer space (NASA)

Design a planet

Games in outer space! (JPLabs)

What do you know about the stars? NASA Encyclopedia

History of Galileo



Marine life (Monterey Bay Aquarium)

Sea creatures & E-quariums



Weather & climate

Take on a hurricane!

Forecast Earth: climatic hotspots  

Operation Climate Control


Geology: earthquakes & volcanoes

Design an earthquake-proof bridge 

Make an Earthquake!

Build a Virtual Volcano

Supervolcano: Can You Cope?  

Digging for fossils (American Museum of Nat. History)

Rock This


Energy Challenges

Create an energy efficient city

Renewable Resources



What’s Alive?

Avian Resurrection


Enchanted Learning - Biomes


Cool Science

Science News (for kids)

National Geographic Challenges

The American Museum of Natural History

Reading & Writing – lower grades


Starfall Phonics

Online Talking Stories

Make a Picture, Make a Story

Read a Story

Animated Fables

Clifford Stories

Online Digital Library of “Talking” Books

Learning to Read

Write a Story With a Bit of Help!

“Story Plant” – Early Writing

Create a Story (print & podcast)

Grammar Gorillas

Word Games

Storyline Online

Between the Lions (the educational side)

Little Animals Stories

Magnetic Poetry Kit


Typing practice – all grades


Lower Grades

Learn to Type  

AuntLee Easy Typing Games

Alphabetic Rain 

Upper Grades

Spelling and Typing

How Fast Can You Type?

Typing Across The Universe

Learn to Type

TyperShark (practice w/ free version)

Type to a Beat 

Social Studies – lower grades

The US government

The US Constitution

States and Capitals Game 

Where Is This Capital? 

Reading & Writing – upper grades

Furious Flogs
Make A Crossword Puzzle

Virtual Traveler (Story Writing)

A Visual Dictionary (Merriam-Webster)

Word Scramble

Antonyms, Synonyms, Homonyms

Words & Spelling

Parts of Speech

Reading Activities from the BBC  

Adventure reading games- 

-At Sea

-In Snow

-In The Jungle


Testing - all grades

OARS Online Assessment

Social Studies – upper grades

The Ohlone
The Salem Witch Trials

GoNet – Map Game

Adventure Maps (from National Geographic)

Surviving Jamestown (first US colony)

Build Planet Earth

Name that State!

American history before 1800

Stop Disasters!

Trivial pursuit: What do you know?  (a multiplayer game)

Learn Civics (iCivics)


Originally adapted list from Lincoln Elementary 

Last Updated: 2014 October 27