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Position Name Email  
Principal Mrs. Jude Lawrence Mrs. Jude Lawrence
Secretary Mrs. Stephanie O'Dea  


Classroom teachers

Name Grade Room Number Email  
Mrs. Melanie LaGory TK K                               
Mrs. Joan Mulkerrins K 1  
Ms. Helen Miranda K 4  
Mrs. Nathalie Fellner* K/1 2  
Mrs. Tracy Mo* K/1 2  
Mrs. Kelly Lanam 1 5  
Mrs. Sabrina Mahoney 1 3  
Ms. Dori Turner 2 7  
Mrs. Julie Janc 2 8  
Mrs. Elena Quinn 2/3 11  
Mrs. Barbara Herrmann 3 9                                    
Mr. Robert Singer 3 12  
Ms. Alison Rutherford 4 15  
Ms. Anna Kobayashi 4 14  
Ms. Amanda Woldhuis 4 17  
Ms. Jamie Metz 5 19  
Ms. Katherine Zunino** 5 16  

* Team Teachers

** Mrs. Bonnie Daughtery replaces Ms. Zunino from 1/17/23 until further notice




Specialism Name Email  
Librarian Mrs. Helen Christian           
P.E. TBD    
Psychologist Ms. Monika Dharshini  
Counselor Ms. Dawb Yang  
Response to Intervention (RTI) Ms. Tara Cook              

Resource Specialist (RSP)

Ms. Trish Breault  
Speech Pathologist Ms. Jennifer Guerrero  
Occupational Therapist Ms. Grace Nahyoung Lee  
Music - Instrumental Mr. Doug Simon  
Music - Choral Mr. Rene Canto-Adams  


team members

Ms. Jingo Xie (Instructional)
Ms. Kendra Knight (RSP)
Mr. Ethan Pearson (Behavioral)
Clerical Assistant
Ms. Jingbo Xie  (

Noon Supervisors
Ms. Arti Gupta
Ms. Erica Powers-Adame
Ms. Tamara Bouri

Mr. Ivan Rodriguez
Mr. Giovanni Moreno

School Resource Officer (Burlingame Police) - Heather Rumbaugh, SRO
Food Service Director (Chartwells / BSD)
    (Phone: (650) 259-0114)
Champions Before/After School Care for Franklin (Rooms 24 & 25)
    Phone: (650) 867-6046