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Here are some free websites with educational activities, games and resources for kids. The division between “upper” and “lower” grades is approximate. Some of the sites include advertising (although we aim to skip sites with inappropriate ads). Some of the sites also sell products. Including these links does not constitute an endorsement or suggestion that you should purchase any product.  

If a game does not display after a few minutes or if it does not work correctly, you might need the latest Adobe Flash plug-in. You can get it here.

Online Classroom

Moby Max (login page)



Technology - students page - main page

Common Sense Media

Math – lower grades
Math – upper grades
Science – lower grades
Science – upper grades
Reading & Writing – lower grades
Reading & Writing – upper grades
 Social Studies – lower grades
 Social Studies – upper grades

Search Engines for Kids

Mathematical Search engine (older students to adults)
Testing -- upper grades

Typing practice – all grades

Learn To Type On The Web
Learn to Type
AuntLee Easy Typing Games
Spelling and Typing
Typing Across The Universe
TyperShark (practice w/ free version)

Internet Safety Info (for parents)

NetSmartz Safety 
Internet Safety Advice for Parents

SafeKids: Internet Safety & Civility


List originally adapted from Lincoln website. 

Last Updated: 2014 October 23

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Quick Links